How We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Today's IT professionals are expected to be experts in everything from emerging technologies, business innovation, evolving policies, procedures and global initiatives. Keeping up with the latest advances in IT and understanding how they impact your business is one challenge. Finding and hiring the people with the expertise and skills to integrate, optimize, and manage these technologies and your complex systems is another.

That's where we come in!

Fusion Technology Strategies (Fusion) provides unrivaled expertise and past performance to address key business and technology mission issues. Our experts have provided comprehensive Cyber Security Solutions and Support, CIO/CTO IT Strategy and Architecture Support, IT Infrastructure Program and Project Management (P&PM) Services, Customer Support (ITIL-Based) Frameworks and Open Source Solutions to a multitude of government organizations over the last several decades. Our talented team combines unrivaled experience with the latest industry qualifications and certifications. We have repeatedly earned the trust of our customers as we assist them throughout the entire lifecycle of their Information Technology and Cybersecurity Programs.

Today's cyber threat battlefield evolves at such a frenzied pace that the need for integrated cybersecurity strategies and technical solutions that can thwart the most focused attacks has never been greater. Our globally proven cybersecurity capabilities will improve your defensive capabilities, while providing you with a holistic view of your vulnerabilities, risks, and opportunities for improvement. We are ready to help protect your organization from the realities of modern and dynamic cyberwar.

Let's face it: Achieving IT success can be daunting. First, an alarming percentage of IT Projects and Programs either fail or are completed with unsatisfactory results. Second, IT reforms, budget reductions, fewer resources overall... These very concepts require a different mindset and the ability to "break the log jams". We specialize in rapid, yet comprehensive results and have proven our capabilities time-and-time again. We are a "secret weapon" that can and will help you regain control and ensure continued success!

CIOs, CTOs, Infrastructure Managers, System Administrators, Network Engineers, and the like, all now face enormous pressure to keep complex systems available, performing, and ready for growth. With stretched budgets and limited resources, we can help to apply a laser focus on business outcomes by maximizing the resources you have, with the capabilities you need. Working closely with Amazon GovCloud, Rackspace and Microsoft Azure Government, we have designed, deployed, directed/managed and maintained highly optimized and massive systems across the country and around the world. To meet your evolving mission objectives, our services include all aspects of Infrastructure Management from the conceptual level through production, third-party integration, installation, and management.

True IT leaders treat every customer interaction as a valuable opportunity. Digital business has put IT right at the heart of the customer experience, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity for IT organizations. The challenge is to move beyond the traditional delivery of services for customers to developing solutions that proactively meet the needs and expectations of the same users. We bring fresh, bold thinking to today's IT realities with ideas grounded by our extensive track record of delivering cost-effective IT, business and cultural change across numerous Federal organizations. We are experts in developing effective processes and systems, but we also understand the necessity to bring about transformative and lasting cultural changes and focus for your IT organization.