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  • 08th June 2018

    Fusion Completes Major Cyber Workforce Assessment for the Navy

    Fusion's SMEs recently completed a comprehensive (NICE Framework) cybersecurity workforce assessment in support of a Department of the Navy customer. The 100+ page assessment was aligned to the DoD Cyberspace Workforce Framework, and it further included expansive details on current-day human capital (cyberspace workforce) drivers, non-traditional cyber workforce recruiting tactics, and tips/tools for retaining strong talent. The assessment was very well received by the Command Chief Information Officer as it also ensured compliance with the Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Assessment Act of 2015.

  • 07th May 2018

    Considering FedRAMP Certification?

    As commercial companies commence examination of the Federal sector, the first question that is commonly raised is WHERE DO WE START? This is relatively common, as a simple search on Google of 'How to do business with the Federal Government' generates approximately 528,000,000 entries. With the Federal Government spending more than $3.8 trillion dollars per year, it is clearly a lucrative, yet intimidating, market that we are committed to help our partners successfully navigate. To further break this down, as supported by the Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget, the Presidential Budget for Fiscal Year 2018 includes over $82B for Agency Information Technology investments and resources. Even with the most advanced products and solutions, access to key decision makers behind this funding is often mired with challenges and frustrations, both of which are commonly based on knowledge gaps, in understanding the Federal product assessment and approval processes.

    Similar to commercial industry, the Federal Government of course wants to embrace new and emerging products and solutions, but nearly every agency has unique requirements that increase the delays and frustration levels for the solution vendors. One of our key focal areas at Fusion is serving as a trusted partner through these navigatable waters, thereby rapidly accelerating the ability of the Government to rapidly adopt YOUR solutions. Within an accelerated period, our approaches can help you dispel the Federal compliance alphabet soup of FISMA, NIST RMF, FedRAMP, DISA STIGs, FITARA and many others. In the same capacity as providing a key to the vault, we have frequently mapped compliance pathways for these standards with your team, while producing comprehensive deliverables that ensure adherence to many of the common Federal requirements. In the end, we are committed to ensuring your success in the Federal Sector and will diligently work to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction, no matter the challenge.